Monday, May 28, 2012

Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest

The first big event was the 52nd Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest and Folk Festival. Since I put together the program for the non-contest part, my planning starts in the fall the year before. We ended up with a great set of bands and that will be hard to match that for future years: 2012 TBFC Schedule

One highlight was that Alan Jabbour, a legend in old-time fiddling, returned to TBFC after an 40+ year hiatus. It was a bit of a coincidence, I had e-mailed him from my TBFC e-mail about something else and he noticed the address to ask whether this might be the same festival that he attended in the 1960s.

Obin and his friends tried their luck in the band contest. Talent is there, but preparation and organization has some way to go.  But they had fun and got their picture taken by a Pulitzer-prize winning photographer (ok, this was Nick's dad).

Obin's sister didn't leave things to luck. Anya took second place in beginning mandolin last year and the boy who won was just a little bit tighter and cleaner - and presumably improved because he regularly performs with a band. So she came prepared with a tight, clean and more complicated tune this year and they traded places.
Anya also repeated winning the intermediate fiddle category, second time in a row. So now she has graduated to the adult/advanced division - but it is December and she is already working on the tune she plans to have ready for May. 

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