Saturday, July 14, 2012

Schwarzwald - Murgtal Radweg

We had 2 nights in Germany before flying back to California, the weather was excellent, and Obin was back from Italy, so we left for one last overnighter, this time into the Schwarzwald. We biked through the Schoenbuch to Herrenberg, where we took the train to get into the Schwarzwald (an hour further west)There was just a little bit of single track after Weil im Schoenbuch.

Auf der Teufelsbruecke (or maybe not, but one of the bridges)

It was a fairly chilly morning, Anya complained about her hands getting too cold, so the girls were  exhausted by the time we made it to Herrenberg and hopped on the train.

We skipped the very first part of the Murgtalradweg, which was supposedly just a steep downhill and got of the train in the next town.

Compared to the Donautal, there was a lot of steep ups and downs, despite roughly following a river, but that is how the Schwarzwald is. We stayed for the night at a small village inn, in fact, that picture shows the main road.
We continued the next morning and made it to Rastatt late in the morning. Only an hour of riding to France and Obin was eager to continue and get on the other side of the Rhine, but Kathy and Anya were ready to return. So we didn't ride on, but after a quick look at the Rastatt Castle went to the train station, took the train to Stuttgart, then the S-Bahn to Leinfelden,  and finally rode the Siebenmuehlental back to Waldenbuch.

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