Friday, November 11, 2016

The worst scrapes are always on roads

Looking at my scars, they all seem to be from roads (even one of the collarbone breaks). I took multiple tumbles on the Colorado Trail last year, the only one that hurt and left scars was in a parking lot. On the TransGermany this year, I remember at least two falls, but there probably were more. Nothing happened - until I was in Berlin and the Alexanderplatz left a more durable imprint. Almost always on the right. People are usually weaker making right or left turns, it seems a large majority is weaker on the right (myself included) that even specifically training for it does not change, but those right side falls seem to be more than the common one-side bias should explain.

So this happened on a dirt road once again, coming down from Parker Mesa. It was a reasonably washed out rutted road until a few months ago. Then it was graded and since then has been a wide dusty road. I must have hit one of the few rocks left, but it sure hurt:
Fresh fall, Sept 23
Right around here, middle of the curve (about a 120 degree turn).

Now to the wonders of natural healing. I cleaned it very thoroughly, every day. But initially it didn't look too well and after a week I started to have second thoughts about not going to a doctor to get it stitched up. Now, however, it was to late to do much about it, even when I got some surgical strips. Looked like this would become a particularly ugly scar.

Very nasty looking on Sept 30, a full week later. 

After 2 weeks, the yellow liquid had settled down. But it sure looked like a crater that would scar over.
2 weeks later, October 7

3 weeks later, still not closed, but noticeably less cratered
3 weekss, October 14

After 4 weeks, still not closed, but it actually started looking like a minor abrasion.  

4 weeks Oct 21

After 7 weeks, it was all closed, but there are still crusts. Let's see what happens, but it looks like just the usual darker scars, but nothing as ugly as it looked after 2 weeks.
After 7 weeks, November 11 
And 2017!

January 14, 2017

And about 2 1/2 years, December 2 2018. 

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